Senior Living

Technology for Baby Boomers

With the Baby Boomer generation reaching the age of needing some level of care, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) have a growing list of needs to maintain their facilities to attend to their growing resident populations. The audio visual needs of these companies range from accommodating people in social and entertainment amenities to servicing the administrative staff of the property. Add to that, the health issues of these communities, specifically, the need for assisted listening throughout the facilities and sound masking in spaces where sensitive information is shared, such as the pharmaceutical counter or on-site doctor’s office. Rethink Innovations works with the CCRC to help create the best environmental experience for their residents.

A Social, Active and Independent Generation

With close to half of the U.S. population aged 50 and older, and CCRC’s can expect to see an increase in residency. A number of these individuals won’t be moving for medical necessity, but for lifestyle choices.

A “Market Insight” report from CBRE states that residents of CCRCs tend to be more educated, sophisticated and more demanding than an average consumer. As a result, CCRCs or “life plan communities” will need to focus on providing social activities, amenities, independence and privacy. Technology will play a big part in the design of CCRCs of all sizes, and Rethink Innovations can help to keep residents engaged and independent.

Medford Leas | Medford, NJ

Medford Leas

Client: Medford Leas
Location: Medford, NJ
Project: Multipurpose Theater

Rethink Innovations designed an audio visual system for the theater that allowed the senior residents to easily navigate all controls through one 21” touchscreen. We upgraded the system to provide presentation from a wall plate at the podium, wireless presentation, Apple TV, Bluray, HD Camera, and booth HDMI inputs. All video is routed through a large 16×16 Crestron DM Switcher allowing any of these sources to be sent to the projector, Extron Recorder, out to local TV broadcasting, and local preview monitor. We gave the booth operator the ability to monitor on local HD monitors in the rack for video and audio going to the Projector, HD Recorder, Broadcast, and Preview.

The prior system’s 5.1 surround system were replaced with JBL Pro application engineered series speakers including a new subwoofer large enough for the space. We also took used the existing stage speakers as two more surround channels creating a 7.1 system with better overall room coverage. The system now has much better audio coverage for ease of listening for all presentations.

Medford Leas, a non-profit continuing care retirement community (CCRC) located in South Jersey, needed to upgrade the audio visual all systems (projection, speakers, video switching, and control) in its 310-seat theater. The existing system was analog and VGA video and consisted primarily of dated consumer hardware and video devices. The theater serves more than 600 residents on its Medford Campus and is used to show movies, presentations, guest lectures, and other activities.