Houses of Worship

Technology that Engages the Congregation

An audio visual system in a place of worship is doing its job if the congregation doesn’t even notice the technology. Today’s technology not only delivers a seamless experience, but allows the audio visual volunteers – many who have no prior experience – to easily manage and control the system throughout the facility. Lighting that naturally illuminates the speakers, and sound that covers the entire congregation without popping or interference are signs of a quality system that enhance an attendee’s worship experience. The right sound system allows for worshippers of all ages to enjoy readings, sermons, and music.

Encompass all Areas of Worship

Audio visual technology is not just limited to the building’s main sanctuary. It can also improve the experience in the common areas that are used for coffee hours and celebrations, as well as meetings for congregation members and community groups. Places that offer day care, preschool and religious education classes for children may also find value in new and easy-to-use audio visual technology.

FPC of Moorestown

Location: Moorestown, NJ
Project: Upgraded Audio Systems

The First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown, which was organized in 1888, hired Rethink Innovations to upgrade the audio equipment in the sanctuary, the narthex of the church, and the children’s room. We updated the main audio hub at the church by adding a digital mixer and a touch screen system for easy operation. In addition, the sanctuary received new steerable speakers which allow for greater audio coverage for the congregation. The systems in the narthex and children’s room are used overhead announcements and music, an important element of the pre-service “coffee and connections” tradition.