Custom Retail Solutions

Rethink Innovations works with retailers to create unique in-store and showroom experiences for their customers. With digital signage, you not only inform your visitors, but actively engage them with your brand. From window displays and interactive media, to digital ads and videos, we can help you create a custom multichannel experience for your store and your customers. In addition to enhancing the shopper’s experience, our systems are built for full integration and easy control and management by your employees.

Showrooms that Inspire

Put your customers in an environment that makes them truly understand the value of your products. By enhancing the technology in your showroom – lighting, signage, multimedia – you can give the visitor a sense of what they can expect when they purchase your product. Let Rethink Innovations help you design a space that will showcase your products while creating a unique sensory experience for your customers.

Acuity Brands

Industry: Lighting
Location: New York City
Project: Conference Rooms, Training Room, Showroom Gallery

Acuity Brands is an international provider of innovative lighting systems and controls. Rethink Innovations installed a complete audio visual system in the company’s New York City Lighting Showroom during a 2008 remodel of the space. Ten years after the initial remodel, we were brought back in to upgrade the showrooms audio visual systems and also enhance the employee experience in the company’s conference rooms and training spaces. The gallery space was upgraded with and Extron matrix switching and automation system. This system allowed for the presentation inside the gallery to be sent to the gathering area outside the space on the 2×2 video wall. The open space also has full background audio and wireless mic presentation ability. Their training room was upgraded from a old 4×3 projector to a 3×3 55” videowall with sound reinforcement in the room.

The Hon Company

Industry: Office Furniture
Location: New York City
Project: Showroom Gallery

The Hon Company has been creating commercial office furniture since 1944. With a focus on timeless style and helping their clients work smarter and more comfortably, The Hon Company sells furniture through online and brick-and-mortar retailers throughout the country. Rethink Innovations was hired to completely outfit Hon’s NYC Showroom with audio visual technology. This showroom was unique in that in needed to showcase the products to visitors while also giving the appearance of a corporate office setting. Rethink Innovations installed all environmental audio visual systems including televisions and video conferencing equipment to complete the look and feel of a conference room.

Sonos Flagship Store | New York City

Sonos Flagship Store NYC

Industry: Consumer Electronics
Location: New York City
Project: Digital signage

Sonos is a consumer electronics company founded in 2002 and widely know for its smart speakers and home theater audio equipment. In 2016, Sonos hired Rethink Innovations to install digital signage in its first retail location. Two years later, Sonos opened its first flagship store in the SoHo section of New York City. The Sonos store is a listening experience for shoppers. Instead of aisles of products displayed on shelves with boxes of inventory below, Sonos created seven “pods” each with a different home styles, plus two lounge areas for relaxing. It was in one of these lounge areas that we installed an LED wall displays. The signage not only fills space on an otherwise empty wall but adds a unique visual element to the lounge.