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Audio Visual

The audio-visual business is an ever-changing market. We stay informed on changes in the field, and advise our clients on the latest trends, while keeping budget in mind. Simple Conference rooms, Executive Offices, Distributed Media, Divisible Conference Rooms.


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Access Control

Restricting access to areas of your business, or securing certain spaces, requires more than electronic strikes on doors. Maybe you need to determine who is allowed in the building at certain times. Our access control systems can even be integrated with a Video Surveillance system to offer an even higher level of security.


 Video Surveillance

HD-CCTV and Megapixel IP Cameras have changed the security market and are now more affordable to clients than ever.

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 Sound Masking

Does your office have a large, open-area design concept? Sound masking allows for a greater degree of privacy, and can help reduce office noise with a minimum of modifications.

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