How IT and AV Can Work Together: Navigating the Partnership

IT and AV are often viewed as one in the same. They are essential contributors to the work environment, part of the technology infrastructure that supports onsite and remote work associates. However there is a vast difference between the two which can lead to confusion, and unnecessary difficulty. So how can IT and AV work together?

First let’s look at two simple definitions which highlight the difference between IT and AV.  Information Technology (IT) is focused on the protection, storage, transfer, and management of information, which includes network architecture, security vulnerabilities and prevention.  Audio Visual (AV) is focused on the distribution of or the way that information is displayed. AV technology needs to provide an easy-to-use experience and still be powerful enough to meet the communication needs of the company.

Both have the same goal – to serve the company’s technology initiatives – but approach it from different angles. The IT team is focused on maintaining a secure network while the AV team wants to ensure information and communication can be easily and readily accessed.

There can be problems when AV systems need to tap into IT systems, or the reverse when changes are made to IT systems which impact AV systems. This can lead to security risks, in addition to compatibility issues. Therefore it is easy to see how the friction between the two can happen, not to mention the impediment for staff, customers, and vendors.

Today’s hybrid world has made it more important than ever that these mutual systems operate in sync. From our years of working and coordinating with IT teams, we offer these guidelines.

How Can IT and AV Work Together?

Taking the time to truly listen and understand not only the network configuration, but the concerns of the IT team is the first step the AV team should take.

Timely Information
Providing proper information in advance to the IT team can address possible challenges before a hold-up transpires. Likewise IT should review and reply to all communications in a timely manner.

Security is the job of every employee at a company, not matter their department. In the case of IT and AV working together it should go without saying that both teams should have security at the forefront of all discussions and decisions.

As with any good partnership, the flow of clear and frequent communication is key. Plus beginning these conversations well in advance of anticipated changes to either system can lead to a more streamlined implementation.

Work With Professionals

Both IT and AV want to support and provide employees with easy to manage technology, which is secure and supportive. By understanding the goals and unease each has, and providing information in advance, the partnership should be successful.

Your AV integrator should be able to communicate their needs to your IT team in a clear and consistent manner, and also understand the concerns IT may have with oncoming AV technology. Searching for an AV integrator that understands how IT and AV can work together?  Contact Rethink Innovations.  We work hard to develop solutions that will give the best user experience all within a secure network.

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