Early Collaboration: A Secret Weapon In Workspace Planning

As workflows and the way work is done changes, many businesses are taking a closer look at their workplaces and how they can be improved. With this comes an increasing importance on having a well-designed audio visual system. The right technology is an important tool to support productivity, team collaboration, and client connectivity.

In the past when creating a new space, or modifying a current space, the typical team was comprised of the architect, interior designer, and construction manager. But with the changed work model and importance of technology the audio visual technology expert is also essential. Establishing this four-way partnership in the beginning will ensure everyone works in concert and delivers a successful, final project.

Having this team in place and working together from the very beginning increases benefits:

Ensuring A Successful Marriage of Design & Function

When planning a workplace, it is important to consider the purpose of each space and what activities will take place there. Collaboration space for large group? Huddle space for one-one? Quiet space for deep think tasks? As the group discusses the function of a space and how it will be used, decisions about layout, materials, finishes, and furniture will come to the surface. From a technology perspective everything from the best AV system to use to the details of where monitors and speakers are placed, and cables run will be revealed.

Heading Off Issues Early

A space’s overall comfort and functionality is impacted by all elements within it. Reviewing and discussing the project as a group in the beginning allows everyone to communicate concerns and solutions that can impact other areas. For example, how can an open floor plan be maintained while mitigating sound travel? How can private meetings be accommodated in all glass conference rooms? Encouraging and allowing dialogue from individuals with different perspectives and expertise will uncover issues earlier and allow the team to be ahead of the game.

Maintaining Budgets & Timelines

On time and on budget is an important measure of success. By having the above conversations the intended technology will be part of the design and construction plans from the beginning. This will help avoid any unexpected cost surprises and make sure items are ordered in advance dodging potential delays to the project timeline.

Specialists Know the Latest Technologies & Their Requirements

As technology advances, so too do audio visual products and systems. Architects, interior designers, and construction managers may have some experience with AV systems, but it is not their responsibility to stay up-to-date on the latest technology, and be able to recommend systems and processes that meet the goals of the end-user. An experienced AV specialist can provide information, resources, and best solutions for every project.

Avoiding Afterthoughts & Retrofits

Having to rip open a finished wall to redo wiring is a tremendous waste of both time and money. By collaborating and planning in advance, all invested parties can avoid this need and help maintain the design, timeline, and budget.


Collaboration between the architect, interior designer, construction manager, and audio visual specialist on the outset for a project usually results in a smoother process, and is a huge contributor to the project being completed on time and within budget. Most importantly, it will also create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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