Proliferation of Audio-Visual Technology in Business
In times past, audio-visual installations were only for large corporations, or businesses in the film or television industry. Over the years, however, the term audio-visual has expanded to encompass anything from the simple laptop to television connection, to a fully immersive telepresence system. Rethink Innovations has kept apprised of all the trends in the audio-visual market, and as a result, no two installations are the same. We work with clients to design and install the audio-visual system best suited for them, while keeping constraints in mind. As the consumer market expands, the commercial market will move in new directions, and Rethink Innovations will help you manage not only what is available now, but what will be available in the near future. We can work with you on budget-adjusting features too, and provide equipment to make systems work as needed at the required expenditure.

Solution Environments
We have installed a variety of systems in various settings, including a touchscreen-controlled video conference room in a corporate environment, a 3-way divisible meeting room for a worldwide financial institution, and multiple television distribution and control systems for a trading and capital investment firms.

Return on Investment:
At Rethink Innovations, we understand the audio-visual systems are not often seen as a necessity, but rather, a luxury. Thus, when evaluating possible audio-visual solutions, we consider the financial, productivity, and environmental benefits of the systems, not just the technical requirements. ROI analysis is not always straightforward, but when a video conference system eliminates the need for flights, hotels, meals, rentals, and most importantly, time, we will include this analysis so the customers can make the most educated decision.

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