It is now possible to add the ability to securely lock your facility without the need to run wires to all doors. SARGENT v.S2 series remote, wireless locksets are supported for all S2 NetBox Extreme and S2 Enterprise platforms. The locksets fit standard door cutouts, and require no wiring. Batteries in each lockset power a WiFi radio that communicates with the security system using an internal antenna to access common 802.11b/g wireless access points which connect to the IP network. Learn More

Convergence in the CCTV and Access Control worlds are truly coming together into one great cohesive package with the new S2 Netbox VR series. The ability to look at standard IP cameras in a browser or record to a network storage device is nothing new. This has been going on for many years, but this information has not been synchronized and searchable via access credentials.  Data about access control credential holders is stored in a SQL-compliant database.  In addition to access privileges, each person record optionally holds information about vehicles, personal data, and office directory data.

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