Eric Christoffersen

As CTO of Rethink Innovations, Eric handles all technology engineering responsibilities. From sales and design, to supervising the staff and installing systems, Eric works closely with clients and the entire team at Rethink Innovations.

Prior to founding Rethink Innovations, Eric spent over two decades working in film post-production and facilities design. He has worked on over 300 films and was responsible for hundreds of screenings and premieres. His professional career began at SoundTrack Studios in NYC where he edited film audio and maintained the company’s facilities. Eric then became the Manager of NY Operations for Dolby Laboratories, Inc. where he designed the company’s IT infrastructure and installed two 2k digital cinema screening rooms, two project/transfer suites, and conference rooms. He has technically supported most of the major broadcasters out of the NY area in implementing Dolby E or D.

Eric is DMC-D, DMC-E and ECS certified.

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