Video Surveillance

The Rethink Advantage in a Competitive Market
Similarly to access control, the Video Surveillance market is very competitive, with many vendors. Rethink Innovations takes pride in being extremely up-to-date on the ever-changing Video Surveillance market, and will work to design a video recording system that suits the customer’s needs, and is easily synchronized with other systems. The Video Surveillance market is vast, and can be overwhelming due to all the options. Rethink will help you sort through the possible options, and pick the one most suited for the task at hand. Our Video Surveillance systems can integrate with Access Control, servers, IP networks, and audio-visual installations for maximum flexibility and ease-of-use. Our ability to unify multiple installations under one central design allows us to provide these integrated solutions.

Save NVR Space through Integration
In a typical corporate environments, cameras are configured to capture live video feeds, but only record when activity is detected. While this is preferable over live recording, even greater space savings can be had by integrating Video Surveillance with the access control system. For instance, integrated Video Surveillance systems can activate when a door is opened, rather than just by the motion of a person walking past the door. This can save precious seconds of space, which add up quickly on a large corporate scale. Additionally, Rethink can configure cameras to monitor traffic only during non-business hours, so after-hours entries/exits are recorded, while commonly-used areas are not monitored during standard hours.

Analog/HD Digital/IP Cameras
The debate regarding which type of camera to use on an installation is a balancing act between wants, needs, and budget. What is not always considered, however, is if the solution is appropriate if the need for video review arises. Analog (SD) cameras are preferred for capturing general areas in low detail, and are cost-effective, widely available, and have the most options. However, they do lack in image detail, much like how standard televisions are inferior to High-Definition televisions in displaying fine detail. While HD digital cameras provide the advantage of HD resolution, they are new to the market, and are limited in terms of options. IP cameras are the top of the line, and can be individually monitored without the use of a DVR or NVR. IP cameras connect to the corporate network, and require their own drops and IP addresses, as well as an NVR if recording is desired. To determine which camera is best for you, contact Rethink Innovations so you can make the optimal camera solution for your situation.

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