Video Conferencing

Solutions for your environment:
Video conferencing is not the same for every business environment and remote collaboration is extremely important due to the rising cost of travel. Below are some bullet point items to start reviewing and considering if you are interested in video conferencing at your organization.

Some of the verticals that can benefit from video conferencing.

  • Education K-12
  • Tele-medicine
  • Tele-justice
  • Government
  • Corporate
  • Financials
  • Remote Research Facilities
  • Live Media Events
[note color=”#eefea2″] Considerations:
  • Will you be doing room based systems and/or desktop based systems?
  • Room based systems need consideration for specialized lighting and acoustical treatment.
  • Smaller rooms can benefit from portable or all in one systems.
  • Would you like to collaborate in real time with HD and look at your presentation at the same time then dual monitors would be a huge benefit.
  • Will your participants be using macs, PCs, or mobile devices to connect in?
  • Would a cloud based hosting system be appropriate to reduce the upfront costs?

Data infrastructure needs to be considered as most systems take a symmetrical 1Mb/s.

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