Access Control

The Rethink Advantage in a Competitive Market
The access control (also known as “security”) field is very competitive, with many vendors. What separates Rethink Innovations from the rest is that we constantly monitor the access control market, and design cutting-edge systems that are both tailored to our clients and compatible with other technologies. Often, our Access Control installations can interface with other systems, such as CCTV, servers, IP networks, and audio-visual installations. Our ability to unify multiple installations under one central design allows us to provide these integrated solutions.

Industry Trends Toward Incorporating Access Control in IT
In the current market, many systems in an installation are required to be accessible over a network. IT and network systems are no longer dedicated data channels between computers and servers. Many devices are now 802.11a/f compatible, and are reliant on network switches. This, in turn, puts additional strain on IT resources. This trend is changing the face of access control, and thus, Rethink has an thorough understanding of both traditional and IT-based access control, to provide better accommodate the customer’s IT environment.

Add Garage/Parking Lot Access for Tenants
It is not commonly known that card access can be provided to parking lots using long-range RF proximity readers. These readers do not require that drivers open their window to scan cards: rather, they detect the card within the car to allow access to restricted areas. This allows occupants to simply drive into the building, without having to stop for inefficient access checks. Our systems can also track inbound and outbound traffic, so security personnel know whose car (and thus, if the person himself) is in the building during emergency or accident situations.

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