It is now possible to add the ability to securely lock your facility without the need to run wires to all doors. SARGENT v.S2 series remote, wireless locksets are supported for all S2 NetBox Extreme and S2 Enterprise platforms. The locksets fit standard door cutouts, and require no wiring. Batteries in each lockset power a WiFi radio that communicates with the security system using an internal antenna to access common 802.11b/g wireless access points which connect to the IP network.

Locksets operate offline, connecting with the security system periodically in order to receive database updates and to upload data logs. This makes the v.S2 Series ideal for applications where individual door wiring would not be feasible. Each lockset supports up to 2400 credentials, and dynamically adds credentials as new users attempt access.

Using the configuration parameters provided by the security system, the locksets can be individually programmed to store events for later upload or to connect immediately on the occurrence of special events. The status of the batteries in each lockset is independently monitored and annunciated through the security system.

Programming access control applications for the v.S2 series locksets follows the standard S2 NetBox/Enterprise model. The same access levels, time specifications, holidays, and portals that define access control for connected locks, also work for these remote locksets. Likewise, real time monitoring and historical reporting support both connected readers and remote locksets.

The v.S2 series locksets are available with ABA track 2 magnetic stripe readers or 125 kHz HID proximity readers. An optional keypad for two-factor authentication is also available.

NOTE: The offline nature of the v.S2 Series locksets makes them unavailable for use in applications requiring regional anti-passback or lockdown via threat levels. Check with S2 Sales Engineering if you are uncertain about your particular use.

Wireless locksets connect to your IP network using standard 802.11b/g access points.

Feature Summary

  • Battery powered bored lockset
  • Connects to IP network via 802.11b/g network access points
  • WPA-PSK and WPA-LEAP encryption between locks and network
  • Magnetic stripe (track 2) or 125kHz HID proximity card reader
  • Optional integrated keypad
  • Battery voltage monitoring with low voltage alert at console
  • Utilizes standard S2 NetBox/Enterprise access levels
  • Utilizes S2 NetBox/Enterprise standard time specifications
  • Supports S2 standard holiday specification
  • Works with S2 standard access card format decoding
  • Support for 2400 credentials with LRU algorithm
  • Annunciation of held open, forced open, and low battery
  • User-specified schedule for data upload and download
  • Passage mode toggle using special credentials

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