Convergence in the CCTV and Access Control worlds are truly coming together into one great cohesive package with the new S2 Netbox VR series. The ability to look at standard IP cameras in a browser or record to a network storage device is nothing new. This has been going on for many years, but this information has not been synchronized and searchable via access credentials.  Data about access control credential holders is stored in a SQL-compliant database.  In addition to access privileges, each person record optionally holds information about vehicles, personal data, and office directory data.

Cameras are configured within the system upon setup and assigned to a “portal” (door) or to an area of an overall map. Now when a person requests access at a door the video of this is also recorded for later review if needed.

A real world example of this could be something as simple as a lost badge being used. Say on Monday person x loses their badge and leaves without getting a new one. On Tuesday the same person gets a new badge and the old one is deactivated, but the admin searches to find out if anyone used the old badge on Monday. Turns out someone used their old badge and stole some office equipment. They can now see who used this badge and have video of the incident within minutes instead of searching old video.

Forensic searches and cases are another big feature in the integrated software and hardware. Using the rich capability of the Forensic Desktop feature, you can search stored video based on recorder concepts like date, time, and camera. Or, you can search based on integrated concepts like access control reader, alarm, or even a person’s name. Every search provides a set of chronologically ordered thumbnails, each containing recorded video. You can add text notation to a clip when you add it to a case, and use searches to locate cases and clips later. Each case also contains a digital signature that creates a provable link between the external video and the NetBox VR that recorded it. Authenticating video this way is valuable in legal proceedings.

Typical system specs can handle up to 16 IP cameras encoded H.264 and can hold up to an average of 30days of motion capture based video recordings. All configuration, maintenance, upgrades, and service is done via a web browser, allowing changes from any OS including mobile systems, tablets, or IOS/Android systems.

Mini Forensic Desktop demo video

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