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WindowsRI Remote Assistance Client

Please download and install only if instructed by a RI employee.

Features And Functionality

With each new release we synchronize our customer feedback and development goals to provide a clean, intuitive, and functional solution. Functionality is presented as both features available through our host client and tools provided as part of our web application.

Screen, keyboard, and mouse controlLightning-quick remote screen, keyboard, and mouse control performs great on any connection.
Unattended accessUnattended access for instant connectivity to familiar machines.
Blank monitorBlank the remote monitor for privacy from your guest.
File transferDrag and drop file transfer provides quick and simple exchange.
ChatShare your screen with your customers for demonstrations and presentations.
ChatChat with your customers during remote support sessions.
Remote rebootRemotely reboot and automatically reconnect to normal mode or safe mode.
Automatic reconnectionAutomatic reconnection retries continuously to reconnect as soon as possible after disconnection.
Clipboard transferClipboard transfer allows seamless cut and paste to and from remote desktop.
Resizing and scalingResizing and scaling manages different size local and remote desktops.
Multiple monitor supportMultiple monitor support provides ability to view one or all monitors of the guest desktop.
Dynamic screen qualityDynamic screen quality with manual override means ultimate performance and control.
Save screen or copy screenSave screen as file or copy screen to clipboard allows easy documentation of support sessions.
Record screen videoRecord screen video to standard AVI movie files to provide even more documentation.
Custom toolboxRun shortcuts and utilities quickly on the remote desktop with the custom toolbox.
AudioHost can hear audio playing on guest system.
Session GroupingHost can group sessions via our new filtering interface.
Session TransferSession ownership can be transferred to other hosts quickly.
Color DepthHost can change color depth to improve session performance.
Video AuditingAdministrator can store session videos for complete video auditing assurance.

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