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What was once a simple piece of wood with a few words scrawled on it—tacked up outside the door of someone offering their services—has moved into what was once would have been considered Science-Fiction.  Despite advertising in the newspaper, magazines, television or the Internet—a good old-fashioned sign, displayed in a high-traffic area, is still one of the most effective ways to both inform the public about your business, and to direct them to its location.  However, the phrase good old-fashioned sign, should refer only to the tradition, not the sign itself.  Staggering advances in both the design and manufacturing of signs, has taken us from the age of the old-fashioned shingle on the door—to the age of The Jetsons.

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Crestron AirMedia

Complete wireless HD presentation
from any mobile device and
any platform

Today, you want to use your mobile devices at meetings to present, collaborate, and share content wirelessly. With Crestron AirMedia you can, and it couldn’t be easier.

Using AirMedia you can walk into any meeting space and wirelessly present PowerPoint®, Excel®, Word and PDF documents, as well as photos, from your personal iOS® or Android mobile device on the room display. Macbook® and PC laptops can be connected seamlessly, too. It makes presentations from almost any device fast and easy.

AirMedia makes it easy to view and share content and collaborate. Up to 32 users can connect at the same time in the same room and present content. Using Quad View, up to four presenters’ content can be displayed simultaneously.

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Here is a short video of what sound masking can do for your environment.  Make sure you have audio on as there is some important information to hear.

blog_imageVideo Conferencing –The Two main methods!

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advances in the use of technology was the development of the video conference. There is an enormous amount of value in the ability to look into the eyes of the other users sharing the conference with you. The technology has not always been available, of course. What was once seen only in the video phones of the Jetsons cartoon is now more-or-less available to any interested person. The capability of speaking with another person electronically with video support was actually born around the same time as the television. In Berlin, Germany, in the late 1930’s a basic analog version of the videophone was available to the public at the central post office with the ability to speak to the several cities in Germany. Learn More

csm_productOne of the hotter technical topics in new corporate fit outs is the term sound masking. Sound masking isn’t new to the market but it has made a resurgence in the market over the past few years. We are seeing a change in the building out of new corporate spaces and the move is into the more open concept feel. This open concept feel is not just more economical to construct it also offers better utilization of the space. Now we are seeing not only cubicles but low rise wall cubicles or trading style desks becoming the latest trend. All of this infringes on the personal space between staff and can get distracting at times. Learn More

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