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Crestron AirMedia™ Complete wireless HD presentation from any mobile device and any platform Today, you want to use your mobile devices at meetings to present, collaborate, and share content wirelessly. With Crestron AirMedia you can, and it couldn’t be easier. Using AirMedia you can walk into any meeting space and wirelessly present PowerPoint®, Excel®, Word

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Here is a short video of what sound masking can do for your environment.  Make sure you have audio on as there is some important information to hear.

One of the hotter technical topics in new corporate fit outs is the term sound masking. Sound masking isn’t new to the market but it has made a resurgence in the market over the past few years. We are seeing a change in the building out of new corporate spaces and the move is into

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It is now possible to add the ability to securely lock your facility without the need to run wires to all doors. SARGENT v.S2 series remote, wireless locksets are supported for all S2 NetBox Extreme and S2 Enterprise platforms. The locksets fit standard door cutouts, and require no wiring. Batteries in each lockset power a WiFi radio that communicates with the security system using an internal antenna to access common 802.11b/g wireless access points which connect to the IP network.

Convergence in the CCTV and Access Control worlds are truly coming together into one great cohesive package with the new S2 Netbox VR series. Cameras are configured within the system upon setup and assigned to a “portal” (door) or to an area of an overall map. Forensic searches and cases is a big feature in the integrated software and hardware. Using the rich capability of the Forensic Desktop feature, you can search stored video based on recorder concepts like date, time, and camera. Or, you can search based on integrated concepts like access control reader, alarm, or even a person’s name. Typical system specs can handle up to 16 IP cameras encoded H.264 and can hold up to an average of 30days of motion capture based video recordings. All configuration, maintenance, upgrades, and service is done via a web browser, allowing changes from any OS including mobile systems, tablets, or IOS/Android systems.

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