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Digital Signage for the Modern Age | Quality Hardware and Software What was once a simple piece of wood with a few words scrawled on it—tacked up outside the door of someone offering their services—has moved into what was once would have been considered Science-Fiction.  Despite advertising in the newspaper, magazines, television or the Internet—a

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Video Conferencing –The Two main methods! Without a doubt, one of the greatest advances in the use of technology was the development of the video conference. There is an enormous amount of value in the ability to look into the eyes of the other users sharing the conference with you. The technology has not always

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Jul 19

Rethink designed and installed all Audio/Visual systems for common meeting rooms, conference room, trading floor and executive offices. When possible all equipment was located in the IT room to keep the forward facing spaces clean.

Rethink designed and installed all audio/visual, tel/data, network infrastructure, Wi-Fi, racking, access control and patching with the office reconstruction.

Rethink redesigned various rooms of this company with customized LCD panels, presentation capabilities (including projectors) and installed sound masking for maximum performance. In addition, a CCTV system and access controls with cards were utilized on all entry doors.

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